Thursday, May 24, 2012


We incubated eggs. 

A friend of the family sent us 30 eggs (27 after the car ride), of different varieties and a small incubator.  We set it up on the dining room buffet, because let's be honest, it doesn't often get used for dinner parties.  Then for three weeks we waited.  We checked the temperature and kept water in the reservoir for humidity, and waited.  We made a tally mark for each day that passed and waited. 

The kids made predictions about what the chicks would look like when they hatched.  Would the blue egg make a blue chick?  Were the chicks in the light brown and dark brown eggs the same or different? 

Then on a Thursday, just after ballet, a day earlier than we expected, Grandpa called to say an egg had hatched!  We went home quickly, and then waited.

Seven eggs eventually hatched and the we were all amazed at the process.  It was a little smelly and a little messy and a little noisy to have chicks "cheeping" in the dining room, but a lot of fun. 

And that's kind of the way life is at our house these days, a little smelly, a little a lot messy, a little noisy, but a lot of fun.